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August 13 2012


The maintenance of Your Windscreens from O'Brien

Having clean, clear windscreens and windows doesn't just make cars look good; it also makes them safer to drive. It is simple to forget about appropriate windscreen and window routine maintenance until it's too late. You should carry out regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they are in good condition. Here are some tips on looking after your Windscreens.

Wash Your Car's Glass Components Last

It is very easy to get your vehicle's glass windows and windscreen dirty. Cleaning your vehicle's glass parts last prevents grime from its other parts from getting onto them.

Purchase the Correct Equipment

You'll need the right equipment and products to keep your vehicle's glass parts clean. You can use different products for cleaning, such as home glass cleaners or vinegar-water. The best products to use are specialized motor vehicle glass cleaners. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners, because they can damage your windows' or windscreen's tint. You might need to buy specific cleansers to remove severe staining or uncommon substances from your windscreens or windows.

You may use specific treatments to stop filth, ice, and other debris from building up on your vehicle's glass parts. These are generally applied immediately after you finish cleaning.

Your glass Windscreen by O'Brien is still a breakable material even if it's not as delicate as standard household glass. Use a soft sponge or cloth in order to avoid scratching or damaging it. You can also buy soft windscreen or window brushes for regular cleaning and dusting. Squeegees are practical cleaning equipment, but you must make sure their rubber blades are in good condition to avoid scratching your vehicle's glass surfaces.

Perform Proper Cleansing Methods

Begin cleaning your windows and windscreens on the inside of your vehicle first. Do not spray your cleaner directly onto this side of your vehicle's glass parts. Spray it onto a microfiber cloth first, and then use it on your windows and windscreens. This prevents your cleaning solutions from ruining your vehicle's interiors. Remove all remnants of the cleaning solution and dry your vehicle's glass parts completely prior to moving on to the exteriors.

Refrain from cleaning your vehicle in direct sunlight. The high temperature might make your cleaning solution dry too quickly, and leave unsightly lines or bothersome stains.

Keep The Wipers Clean

Having dirty wipers might scuff your windscreen, or leave stubborn staining behind when you use them. Examine and clean them whenever you clean your windscreen, and replace them if you notice any indication of wear and tear.

Call in the Repairmen

Bring in a professional offering windscreen repair services in WA if you notice any indications of damage on your windscreen or windows. Examples of these are cracks, scuff marks, or window tint problems. You may need to stop by a different shop if you only need to have your window tint or film replaced. Quite a few window and windscreen repair experts may change your glass panels if the deterioration is severe. They might also provide practical repair recommendations, or suggest ideal cleaning products for your automobile.

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